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ONE TIME OFFER (Just $17): Money is all around us. The problem is we don't always notice it. This meditation/visualization helps rewire your brain to find hidden money and see opportunities that other people miss. The human brain uses a mechanism called the "Reticular Activation System" to notice the things that matter to you most. The Hidden Money Meditation activates this system to see money where you wouldn't otherwise see it.

Here's What You'll Get for only $47: 
  •  5 Days of "Deep Money Block" Training: Over the course of 5 days you'll learn how to remove each of the 5 primary money blocks. Each day will cover one block in depth. 
  • ​​The 3 Step "Block Removal" System: There's a simple 3 step system to remove your money blocks. I'll take you through all 3 steps for each block.
  • The 3 Types of Money Training: One core concept can change your life. When it comes to money, it's the 3 types of money training.
  • ​The "3 Types of Money" Worksheet: This is a simple worksheet you can use to apply the Three Types of Money to your life. Just fill it in and see how your life changes. 
  • The 4 "Money Relationships" Training: You relate to money in 4 core ways. I'll go through each of these 4 ways in depth so you can bring more money into your life.

"When I started working with Ian, strange things started to happen. I was making 2-3X more money for my clients. And I was making 25-50% more in my business."

- James B  |  Seattle, WA

"This meditation is not only a gift for your bank account but also a gift for the soul. After 1 minute into the money magnet meditation, I started smiling and feeling intense joy, excitement, and happiness around money. Somedays money can unconsciously be a negative subject, but now I quickly turn that around with this meditation right when I feel anything other than joy around money. It has become a trigger for me. Now, I start out my morning with this and immediately journal my goals. Since adding this to my routine, I go about the day feeling like I will attract exactly what I think about! I highly recommend you listen to this at least once a day.""

- AJ Yager.  |  Austin, TX

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If you implement EVERYTHING we show you, and don't see a change in your money, we'll refund your full investment.

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